Why am I getting ImportError: No module named pip ‘ right after installing pip?

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Question :

Why am I getting ImportError: No module named pip ‘ right after installing pip?

I have installed pip and ez setup. I also checked the system path and I can see the module in the folder structure. Still when i try to run pip command, I get an Import error saying no module named pip. I am running 32bit python on a windows7 machine

Answer #1:

Just be sure that you have include python to windows PATH variable, then run python -m ensurepip

Answer #2:

What solved the issue on my case was go to:

cd C:Program FilesPython37Scripts

And run below command:

easy_install.exe pip
Answered By: Lucas Mota Alves

Answer #3:

Follow steps given in https://michlstechblog.info/blog/python-install-python-with-pip-on-windows-by-the-embeddable-zip-file/. Replace x with version number of Python.

  1. Open the pythonxx.__pth file, located in your python folder.
  2. Edit the contents (e.g. D:Pythonx.x.x to the following):
Answered By: Amit Panasara

Answer #4:

After running get_pip.py with python embed you have to modify your pythonXX._pth file. Add Libsite-packages, to get something like this:

# Uncomment to run site.main() automatically
#import site

If you don’t you will get this error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pip’


python-3.8.2-embed-amd64python.exe: No module named pip

? pip
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "runpy.py", line 193, in _run_module_as_main
  File "runpy.py", line 86, in _run_code
  File "python-3.8.2-embed-amd64Scriptspip.exe__main__.py", line 4, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pip'

? python -m pip
python-3.8.2-embed-amd64python.exe: No module named pip
Answered By: A-312

Answer #5:

try to type pip3 instead pip.
also for upgrading pip dont use pip3 in the command

python -m pip install -U pip

maybe it helps

Answered By: Setmax

Answer #6:

The ensurepip module was added in version 3.4 and then backported to 2.7.9.

So make sure your Python version is at least 2.7.9 if using Python 2, and at least 3.4 if using Python 3.

Answered By: twasbrillig

Answer #7:

turned out i had 2 versions of python on my laptop

both commands worked for me

python -m ensurepip
py -m ensurepip

both with another installation path

c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studiosharedpython36_64libsite-packages 

only the first path was in my %PATH% variable

Answered By: Sloomy

Answer #8:

I’v solved this error by setting the correct path variables

Answered By: PratikPal

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