Where is the documentation on Pandas ‘Freq’ tags? [closed]

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Where is the documentation on Pandas ‘Freq’ tags? [closed]

I am new to Pandas, and am trying to use date_range. I came across all kinds of good things for freq, like BME and BMS and I would like to be able to quickly look up the proper strings to get what I want. Yesterday I found a nicely formatted table somewhere in the documentation, but the title of the table was so obtuse that I can not use search to find it again today.

Answer #1:

You can find it called Offset Aliases:

A number of string aliases are given to useful common time series frequencies. We will refer to these aliases as offset aliases.

Alias    Description
B        business day frequency
C        custom business day frequency
D        calendar day frequency
W        weekly frequency
M        month end frequency
SM       semi-month end frequency (15th and end of month)
BM       business month end frequency
CBM      custom business month end frequency
MS       month start frequency
SMS      semi-month start frequency (1st and 15th)
BMS      business month start frequency
CBMS     custom business month start frequency
Q        quarter end frequency
BQ       business quarter end frequency
QS       quarter start frequency
BQS      business quarter start frequency
A, Y     year end frequency
BA, BY   business year end frequency
AS, YS   year start frequency
BAS, BYS business year start frequency
BH       business hour frequency
H        hourly frequency
T, min   minutely frequency
S        secondly frequency
L, ms    milliseconds
U, us    microseconds
N        nanoseconds
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