Sorting a tuple that contains tuples

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Question :

Sorting a tuple that contains tuples

I have the following tuple, which contains tuples:


I’d like to sort this tuple based upon the second value contained in inner-tuples (i.e., sort Apple, Carrot, Banana rather than A, B, C).

Any thoughts?

Asked By: Huuuze


Answer #1:

from operator import itemgetter

MY_SORTED_TUPLE = tuple(sorted(MY_TUPLE, key=itemgetter(1)))

or without itemgetter:

MY_SORTED_TUPLE = tuple(sorted(MY_TUPLE, key=lambda item: item[1]))
Answered By: Markus Jarderot

Answer #2:

From Sorting Mini-HOW TO

Often there’s a built-in that will
match your needs, such as str.lower().
The operator module contains a number
of functions useful for this purpose.
For example, you can sort tuples based
on their second element using

>>> import operator 
>>> L = [('c', 2), ('d', 1), ('a', 4), ('b', 3)]
>>> map(operator.itemgetter(0), L)
['c', 'd', 'a', 'b']
>>> map(operator.itemgetter(1), L)
[2, 1, 4, 3]
>>> sorted(L, key=operator.itemgetter(1))
[('d', 1), ('c', 2), ('b', 3), ('a', 4)]

Hope this helps.

Answered By: mwilliams

Answer #3:

sorted(my_tuple, key=lambda tup: tup[1])

In other words, when comparing two elements of the tuple you’re sorting, sort based on the return value of the function passed as the key parameter.

Answered By: Eli Courtwright

Answer #4:

I achieved the same thing using this code, but your suggestion is great. Thanks!

templist = [ (line[1], line) for line in MY_TUPLE ] 
SORTED_MY_TUPLE = [ line[1] for line in templist ]
Answered By: Huuuze

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