Scatter plot form dataframe with index on x-axis

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Question :

Scatter plot form dataframe with index on x-axis

I’ve got pandas DataFrame, df, with index named date and the columns columnA, columnB and columnC

I am trying to scatter plot index on a x-axis and columnA on a y-axis using the DataFrame syntax.

When I try:

df.plot(kind='scatter', x='date', y='columnA')

I ma getting an error KeyError: 'date' probably because the date is not column

df.plot(kind='scatter', y='columnA')

I am getting an error:

ValueError: scatter requires and x and y column

so no default index on x-axis.

df.plot(kind='scatter', x=df.index, y='columnA')

I am getting error

KeyError: "DatetimeIndex(['1818-01-01', '1818-01-02', '1818-01-03', '1818-01-04',n
                          '1818-01-05', '1818-01-06', '1818-01-07', '1818-01-08',n
                          '1818-01-09', '1818-01-10',n               ...n  
                          '2018-03-22', '2018-03-23', '2018-03-24', '2018-03-25',n
                          '2018-03-26', '2018-03-27', '2018-03-28', '2018-03-29',n 
                          '2018-03-30', '2018-03-31'],n  
dtype='datetime64[ns]', name='date', length=73139, freq=None) not in index"

I can plot it if I use matplotlib.pyplot directly

plt.scatter(df.index, df['columnA'])

Is there a way to plot index as x-axis using the DataFrame kind syntax?

Asked By: Kocur4d


Answer #1:

This is kind of ugly (I think the matplotlib solution you used in your question is better, FWIW), but you can always create a temporary DataFrame with the index as a column usinng


If the index was nameless, the default name will be 'index'. Assuming this is the case, you could use

df.reset_index().plot(kind='scatter', x='index', y='columnA')
Answered By: Ami Tavory

Answer #2:

A more simple solution would be:

df['x1'] = df.index
df.plot(kind='scatter', x='x1', y='columnA')

Just create the index variable outside of the plot statement.

Answered By: Clovis

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