Save a large file using the Python requests library [duplicate]

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Save a large file using the Python requests library [duplicate]

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How to download image using requests

I know that fetching a url is as simple as requests.get and I can get at the raw response body and save it to a file, but for large files, is there a way to stream directly to a file? Like if I’m downloading a movie with it or something?

Answer #1:

Oddly enough, requests doesn’t have anything simple for this. You’ll have to iterate over the response and write those chunks to a file:

response = requests.get('', stream=True)

# Throw an error for bad status codes

with open('output.jpg', 'wb') as handle:
    for block in response.iter_content(1024):

I usually just use urllib.urlretrieve(). It works, but if you need to use a session or some sort of authentication, the above code works as well.

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