Key error when selecting columns in pandas dataframe after read_csv

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Key error when selecting columns in pandas dataframe after read_csv

I’m trying to read in a CSV file into a pandas dataframe and select a column, but keep getting a key error.

The file reads in successfully and I can view the dataframe in an iPython notebook, but when I want to select a column any other than the first one, it throws a key error.

I am using this code:

import pandas as pd

transactions = pd.read_csv('transactions.csv',low_memory=False, delimiter=',', header=0, encoding='ascii')

This is the file I’m working on:

Thank you!

Asked By: Harry M


Answer #1:

use sep='s*,s*' so that you will take care of spaces in column-names:

transactions = pd.read_csv('transactions.csv', sep=r's*,s*',
                           header=0, encoding='ascii', engine='python')

alternatively you can make sure that you don’t have unquoted spaces in your CSV file and use your command (unchanged)




['product_id', 'customer_id', 'store_id', 'promotion_id', 'month_of_year', 'quarter', 'the_year', 'store_sales', 'store_cost', 'unit_sales', 'fact_count']
Answered By: Harry M

Answer #2:

if you need to select multiple columns from dataframe use 2 pairs of square brackets

Answered By: MaxU

Answer #3:

The key error generally comes if the key doesn’t match any of the dataframe column name ‘exactly’:

You could also try:

import csv
import pandas as pd
import re
    with open (filename, "r") as file:
        df = pd.read_csv(file, delimiter = ",")
        df.columns = ((df.columns.str).replace("^ ","")).str.replace(" $","")
Answered By: Aswin Babu

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