Is there a Python equivalent to Java’s AWT Robot class? [closed]

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Question :

Is there a Python equivalent to Java’s AWT Robot class? [closed]

Does anyone know of a Python class similar to Java Robot?

Specifically I would like to perform a screen grab in Ubuntu, and eventually track mouse clicks and keyboard presses (although that’s a slightly different question).

Asked By: Stuart K


Answer #1:

If you have GTK, then you can use the gtk.gdk.Display class to do most of the work. It controls the keyboard/mouse pointer grabs a set of gtk.gdk.Screen objects.

Answered By: Nadia Alramli

Answer #2:

Check out GNU LDTP:

GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project (GNU
LDTP) is aimed at producing high
quality test automation framework

Especially Writing LDTP test scripts in Python scripting language

Answered By: Benji York

Answer #3:

As far as the screen grab, see this answer. That worked for me. Other answers to the same question might be of interest as well.

Answered By: Fred Larson

Answer #4:

Check out the RobotFramework. I do not know if it will do the same things as JavaRobot, or if it will do more. But it is easy and very flexible to use.

Answered By: rsarro

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