Interacting with program after execution

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Interacting with program after execution

In PyCharm, after I run a script it automatically kills it:

C:UsersSean.virtualenvsStanleyScriptspython.exe C:/Users/Sean/PycharmProjects/Stanley/

Process finished with exit code 0

How can I interact with the script after it starts? For lack of a better way to phrase it, how can I get the


prompt after the script runs once through?

  • PyCharm Community Edition 3.0
  • Windows 7
  • Python 2.7
Asked By: Robinson


Answer #1:

Starting with version 4.0 there’s an option Show command line afterwards (renamed in later versions to Run with Python console) when editing run/debug configuration in Run|Edit Configurations….

From output of python --help:

-i : inspect interactively after running script; forces a prompt even
if stdin does not appear to be a terminal; also PYTHONINSPECT=x

To set interpreter option in PyCharm go to Run|Edit Configuration

Answered By: Piotr Dobrogost

Answer #2:

in Pycharm, Run/Debug menu choose Edit Configuration, check the box before ‘Show command line afterwards’

Answered By: ling

Answer #3:

Click Run -> Edit Configurations...,

Then check the box Run with Python console.

Answered By: Xiangyi Yan

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