inserting characters at the start and end of a string

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Question :

inserting characters at the start and end of a string

I am new and trying to find a way to insert a number of L’s at the beginning and end of a string. So if I have a string which says

“where did I put my cupcake this morning”

And I want to insert 1 L at the start and 2 L’s at the end, so it looks like: “Lwhere did I put my cupcake this morningLL” How do I do this. thank you

Answer #1:

Strings are immutable so you can’t insert characters into an existing string. You have to create a new string. You can use string concatenation to do what you want:

yourstring = "L" + yourstring + "LL"

Note that you can also create a string with n Ls by using multiplication:

m = 1
n = 2
yourstring = ("L" * m) + yourstring + ("L" * n)
Answered By: Mark Byers

Answer #2:

For completeness along with the other answers:

yourstring = "L%sLL" % yourstring

Or, more forward compatible with Python 3.x:

yourstring = "L{0}LL".format(yourstring)
Answered By: C2H5OH

Answer #3:

You can also use join:

yourstring = ''.join(('L','yourstring','LL'))


>>> yourstring
Answered By: Akavall

Answer #4:

If you want to insert other string somewhere else in existing string, you may use selection method below.

Calling character on second position:

>>> s = "0123456789"
>>> s[2]

Calling range with start and end position:

>>> s[4:6]

Calling part of a string before that position:

>>> s[:6]

Calling part of a string after that position:

>>> s[4:]

Inserting your string in 5th position.

>>> s = s[:5] + "L" + s[5:]
>>> s

Also s is equivalent to s[:].

With your question you can use all your string, i.e.

>>> s = "L" + s + "LL"

or if "L" is a some other string (for example I call it as l), then you may use that code:

>>> s = l + s + (l * 2)
Answered By: XCanG

Answer #5:

Adding to C2H5OH’s answer, in Python 3.6+ you can use format strings to make it a bit cleaner:

s = "something about cupcakes"
Answered By: ryanjdillon

Answer #6:

Let’s say we have a string called yourstring:

for x in range(0, [howmanytimes you want it at the beginning]):
    yourstring = "L" + yourstring
for x in range(0, [howmanytimes you want it at the end]):
    yourstring += "L"
Answered By: ytpillai

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