How to read an array of integers from single line of input in python3

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Question :

How to read an array of integers from single line of input in python3

I want to read an array of integers from single line of input in python3.
For example: Read this array to a variable/list

1 3 5 7 9

What I have tried

  1. arr = input.split(' ') But this does not convert them to integers. It creates array of strings

  2. arr = input.split(' ')

    for i,val in enumerate(arr): arr[i] = int(val)

2nd one is working for me. But I am looking for an elegant(Single line) solution.

Answer #1:

Use map:

arr = list(map(int, input().split()))

Just adding, in Python 2.x you don’t need the to call list(), since map() already returns a list, but in Python 3.x “many processes that iterate over iterables return iterators themselves”.

This input must be added with () i.e. parenthesis pairs to encounter the error. This works for both 3.x and 2.x Python

Answer #2:

Edit: After using Python for almost 4 years, just stumbled back on this answer and realized that the accepted answer is a much better solution.

Same can be achieved using list comprehensions:
Here is example on ideone:

arr = [int(i) for i in input().split()]

If you are using Python 2, you should use raw_input() instead.

Answered By: harmands

Answer #3:

You can get a good reference from the following program

# The following command can take n number of inputs 
n,k=map(int, input().split(' '))
a=list(map(int,input().split(' ')))
for each in a:
    if each >= a[k-1] and each !=0:
Answered By: Vamsi kalyan

Answer #4:

You can try this below code that takes an input from user and reads it as array and not list.

from array import *
a = array('i',(int(i) for i in input('Enter Number:').split()))

IN addition , if you wish to convert it to a list:

b = a.tolist()
Answered By: Anil Sharma

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