How to pass dictionary items as function arguments in python? [duplicate]

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Question :

How to pass dictionary items as function arguments in python? [duplicate]

My code

1st file:

data = {'school':'DAV', 'standard': '7', 'name': 'abc', 'city': 'delhi'}

2nd file:

    schoolname  = school
    cityname = city
    standard = standard
    studentname = name

in the above code, only keys of “data” dictionary were get passed to my_function(), but i want key-value pairs to pass. How to correct this ?

I want the my_function() to get modified like this

my_function(school='DAV', standard='7', name='abc', city='delhi')

and this is my requirement, give answers according to this

EDIT: dictionary key class is changed to standard

Asked By: Patrick


Answer #1:

If you want to use them like that, define the function with the variable names as normal:

def my_function(school, standard, city, name):
    schoolName  = school
    cityName = city
    standardName = standard
    studentName = name

Now you can use ** when you call the function:

data = {'school':'DAV', 'standard': '7', 'name': 'abc', 'city': 'delhi'}


and it will work as you want.

P.S. Don’t use reserved words such as class.(e.g., use klass instead)

Answered By: RemcoGerlich

Answer #2:

*data interprets arguments as tuples, instead you have to pass **data which interprets the arguments as dictionary.

data = {'school':'DAV', 'class': '7', 'name': 'abc', 'city': 'pune'}

def my_function(**data):
    schoolname  = data['school']
    cityname = data['city']
    standard = data['class']
    studentname = data['name']

You can call the function like this:

Answered By: venpa

Answer #3:

You can just pass it

def my_function(my_data):
    my_data["schoolname"] = "something"
    print my_data

or if you really want to

def my_function(**kwargs):
    kwargs["schoolname"] = "something"
    print kwargs
Answered By: Jakob Bowyer

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