How to find elements by class

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Solving problem is about exposing yourself to as many situations as possible like How to find elements by class and practice these strategies over and over. With time, it becomes second nature and a natural way you approach any problems in general. Big or small, always start with a plan, use other strategies mentioned here till you are confident and ready to code the solution.
In this post, my aim is to share an overview the topic about How to find elements by class, which can be followed any time. Take easy to follow this discuss.

How to find elements by class

I’m having trouble parsing HTML elements with “class” attribute using Beautifulsoup. The code looks like this

soup = BeautifulSoup(sdata)
mydivs = soup.findAll('div')
for div in mydivs:
    if (div["class"] == "stylelistrow"):
        print div

I get an error on the same line “after” the script finishes.

File "./", line 130, in getlanguage
  if (div["class"] == "stylelistrow"):
File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/", line 599, in __getitem__
   return self._getAttrMap()[key]
KeyError: 'class'

How do I get rid of this error?

Asked By: Neo


Answer #1:

You can refine your search to only find those divs with a given class using BS3:

mydivs = soup.findAll("div", {"class": "stylelistrow"})

Answer #2:

From the documentation:

As of Beautiful Soup 4.1.2, you can search by CSS class using the keyword argument class_:

soup.find_all("a", class_="sister")

Which in this case would be:

soup.find_all("div", class_="stylelistrow")

It would also work for:

soup.find_all("div", class_="stylelistrowone stylelistrowtwo")
Answered By: jmunsch

Answer #3:

Update: 2016
In the latest version of beautifulsoup, the method ‘findAll’ has been renamed to
‘find_all’. Link to official documentation

List of method names changed

Hence the answer will be

soup.find_all("html_element", class_="your_class_name")
Answered By: overlord

Answer #4:

Specific to BeautifulSoup 3:

             {'class': lambda x: x
                       and 'stylelistrow' in x.split()

Will find all of these:

<div class="stylelistrow">
<div class="stylelistrow button">
<div class="button stylelistrow">
Answered By: FlipMcF

Answer #5:

CSS selectors

single class first match


list of matches'.stylelistrow')

compound class (i.e. AND another class)


Spaces in compound class names e.g. class = stylelistrow otherclassname are replaced with “.”. You can continue to add classes.

list of classes (OR – match whichever present

soup.select_one('.stylelistrow, .otherclassname')'.stylelistrow, .otherclassname')

bs4 4.7.1 +

Specific class whose innerText contains a string

soup.select_one('.stylelistrow:contains("some string")')'.stylelistrow:contains("some string")')

Specific class which has a certain child element e.g. a tag

Answered By: QHarr

Answer #6:

A straight forward way would be :

soup = BeautifulSoup(sdata)
for each_div in soup.findAll('div',{'class':'stylelist'}):
    print each_div

Make sure you take of the casing of findAll, its not findall

Answered By: Konark Modi

Answer #7:

How to find elements by class

I’m having trouble parsing html elements with “class” attribute using Beautifulsoup.

You can easily find by one class, but if you want to find by the intersection of two classes, it’s a little more difficult,

From the documentation (emphasis added):

If you want to search for tags that match two or more CSS classes, you should use a CSS selector:"p.strikeout.body")
# [<p class="body strikeout"></p>]

To be clear, this selects only the p tags that are both strikeout and body class.

To find for the intersection of any in a set of classes (not the intersection, but the union), you can give a list to the class_ keyword argument (as of 4.1.2):

soup = BeautifulSoup(sdata)
class_list = ["stylelistrow"] # can add any other classes to this list.
# will find any divs with any names in class_list:
mydivs = soup.find_all('div', class_=class_list)

Also note that findAll has been renamed from the camelCase to the more Pythonic find_all.

Answered By: Aaron Hall

Answer #8:

As of BeautifulSoup 4+ ,

If you have a single class name , you can just pass the class name as parameter like :

mydivs = soup.find_all('div', 'class_name')

Or if you have more than one class names , just pass the list of class names as parameter like :

mydivs = soup.find_all('div', ['class1', 'class2'])
Answered By: Shivam Shah

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