How can I include a folder with cx_freeze?

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How can I include a folder with cx_freeze?

I am using cx_freeze to deploy my application. I would like to include a entire directory since including individual files doesn’t put them in a folder. How can I include a folder?

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Answer #1:

You have to set up an include files argument for the building options. You can do this in different ways, but I will show a part of my configuration. The thing I describe here is for one specific file and one specific destination. I think you can also set a path like this, but I don’t have tested this yet.

Edit: Tested this, so choose the right approach for your project.

buildOptions = dict(include_files = [(absolute_path_to_your_file,'final_filename')]) #single file, absolute path.
buildOptions = dict(include_files = ['your_folder/']) #folder,relative path. Use tuple like in the single file to set a absolute path.
         name = "appname",
         version = "1.0",
         description = "description",
         author = "your name",
         options = dict(build_exe = buildOptions),
         executables = executables)

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Answered By: Casebash
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