Get month name from number

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Question :

Get month name from number

How can I get the month name from the month number?

For instance, if I have 3, I want to return march


How to get the string march?

Asked By: Rajeev


Answer #1:

Calendar API

From that you can see that calendar.month_name[3] would return March, and the array index of 0 is the empty string, so there’s no need to worry about zero-indexing either.

Answered By: siame

Answer #2:

import datetime
mydate =

Returns: December

Some more info on the Python doc website

[EDIT : great comment from @GiriB] You can also use %b which returns the short notation for month name.


For the example above, it would return Dec.

Answered By: JMax

Answer #3:

import datetime

monthinteger = 4

month =, monthinteger, 1).strftime('%B')

print month


Answered By: Mike Yantis

Answer #4:

This is not so helpful if you need to just know the month name for a given number (1 – 12), as the current day doesn’t matter.




are more useful here.

Here is an example:

import calendar

for month_idx in range(1, 13):
    print (calendar.month_name[month_idx])
    print (calendar.month_abbr[month_idx])
    print ("")

Sample output:




Answered By: Jay Sheth

Answer #5:

import datetime
mydate =
mydate.strftime("%B") # 'December'
mydate.strftime("%b") # 'dec'
Answered By: ancho

Answer #6:

I’ll offer this in case (like me) you have a column of month numbers in a dataframe:

df['monthName'] = df['monthNumer'].apply(lambda x: calendar.month_name[x])
Answered By: Brett Rudder

Answer #7:

This Is What I Would Do:

from datetime import *

months = ["Unknown",

now = (
year = (now.year)
month = (months[now.month])

It Outputs:

>>> September

(This Was The Real Date When I Wrote This)

Answered By: The Big Fat Pig

Answer #8:

Some good answers already make use of calendar but the effect of setting the locale hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Calendar set month names according to the current locale, for exemple in French:

import locale
import calendar

locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, 'fr_FR')

assert calendar.month_name[1] == 'janvier'
assert calendar.month_abbr[1] == 'jan'

If you plan on using setlocale in your code, make sure to read the tips and caveats and extension writer sections from the documentation. The example shown here is not representative of how it should be used. In particular, from these two sections:

It is generally a bad idea to call setlocale() in some library routine, since as a side effect it affects the entire program […]

Extension modules should never call setlocale() […]

Answered By: cglacet

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