Get data points from Seaborn distplot

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Question :

Get data points from Seaborn distplot

I use


to plot a univariate distribution of observations. Still, I need not only the chart, but also the data points. How do I get the data points from matplotlib Axes (returned by distplot)?

Asked By: tesgoe


Answer #1:

You can use the matplotlib.patches API. For instance, to get the first line:


This returns two numpy arrays containing the x and y values for the line.

For the bars, information is stored in:


You can access the bar’s height via the function patches.get_height():

[h.get_height() for h in sns.distplot(x).patches]
Answered By: Nils Gudat

Answer #2:

If you want to obtain the kde values of an histogram you can use scikit-learn KernelDensity function instead:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from sklearn.neighbors import KernelDensity

X=ds.loc[:,'Money-Spent'].values[:, np.newaxis]

kde = KernelDensity(kernel='gaussian', bandwidth=0.75).fit(X) #you can supply a bandwidth

x=np.linspace(0,5,100)[:, np.newaxis]


array([1.88878660e-05, 2.04872903e-05, 2.21864649e-05, 2.39885206e-05,
       2.58965064e-05, 2.79134003e-05, 3.00421245e-05, 3.22855645e-05,
       3.46465903e-05, 3.71280791e-05, 3.97329392e-05, 4.24641320e-05,
       4.53246933e-05, 4.83177514e-05, 5.14465430e-05, 5.47144252e-05,
       5.81248850e-05, 6.16815472e-05, 6.53881807e-05, 6.92487062e-05,
       7.32672057e-05, 7.74479375e-05, 8.17953578e-05, 8.63141507e-05,
       3.93779919e-03, 4.15788216e-03, 4.38513011e-03, 4.61925890e-03,
       4.85992626e-03, 5.10672757e-03, 5.35919187e-03, 5.61677855e-03])
Answered By: agcala

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