Django : Testing if the page has redirected to the desired url

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Django : Testing if the page has redirected to the desired url

In my django app, I have an authentication system. So, If I do not log in and try to access some profile’s personal info, I get redirected to a login page.

Now, I need to write a test case for this. The responses from the browsers I get is :

GET /myprofile/data/some_id/ HTTP/1.1 302 0
GET /account/login?next=/myprofile/data/some_id/ HTTP/1.1 301 0
GET /account/login?next=/myprofile/data/some_id/ HTTP/1.1 200 6533

How do I write my test ? This what I have so far:

self.client.login(user="user", password="passwd")
response = self.client.get('/myprofile/data/some_id/')
response = self.client.get('/myprofile/data/some_id/')

What could possibly come next ?

Answer #1:

Django 1.4:

Django 2.0:

SimpleTestCase.assertRedirects(response, expected_url, status_code=302, target_status_code=200, msg_prefix='', fetch_redirect_response=True)

Asserts that the response returned a status_code redirect status, redirected to expected_url (including any GET data), and that the final page was received with target_status_code.

If your request used the follow argument, the expected_url and target_status_code will be the url and status code for the final point of the redirect chain.

If fetch_redirect_response is False, the final page won’t be loaded. Since the test client can’t fetch external URLs, this is particularly useful if expected_url isn’t part of your Django app.

Scheme is handled correctly when making comparisons between two URLs. If there isn’t any scheme specified in the location where we are redirected to, the original request’s scheme is used. If present, the scheme in expected_url is the one used to make the comparisons to.

Answered By: imposeren

Answer #2:

You could also follow the redirect with:

response = self.client.get('/myprofile/data/some_id/', follow=True)

which would mirror the user experience in the browser and make assertions of what you expect to find there, such as:

self.assertContains(response, "You must be logged in", status_code=401)
Answered By: igniteflow

Answer #3:

You can check response['Location'] and see if it matchs with the expected url. Check also that status code is 302.

Answered By: luc

Answer #4:

response['Location'] doesn’t exist in 1.9. Use this instead:

response = self.client.get('/myprofile/data/some_id/', follow=True)
last_url, status_code = response.redirect_chain[-1]
Answered By: Alan Viars

Answer #5:

You can use assertRedirects eg:

response = self.client.get('/sekrit/')
self.assertRedirects(response, '/other/login/?next=/sekrit/')

If you need to get url which redirected

If follow is True

You will get url in


If follow is False

Answered By: Sarath Ak

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