Django 1.11 TypeError context must be a dict rather than Context

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Django 1.11 TypeError context must be a dict rather than Context

Just received the Sentry error TypeError context must be a dict rather than Context. on one of my forms. I know it has something to do with Django 1.11, but I am not sure what to change to fix it.

Offending line

message = get_template('email_forms/direct_donation_form_email.html').render(Context(ctx))

Entire View

def donation_application(request):
    if request.method == 'POST':
        form = DirectDonationForm(data=request.POST)
        if form.is_valid():
            stripe.api_key = settings.STRIPE_SECRET_KEY
            name = request.POST.get('name', '')
            address = request.POST.get('address', '')
            city = request.POST.get('city', '')
            state = request.POST.get('state', '')
            zip = request.POST.get('zip', '')
            phone_number = request.POST.get('phone_number', '')
            support = request.POST.get('support', '')
            agree = request.POST.get('agree', '')
            email_address = request.POST.get('email_address', '')
            number = request.POST.get('number', '')
            cvc = request.POST.get('cvc', '')
            exp = request.POST.get('exp', '')
            # token = form.cleaned_data['stripe_token'],
            # exp_m = int(request.POST.get('exp_month', ''))
            # exp_y = int(request.POST.get('exp_year', ''))

            exp_month = exp[0:2]
            exp_year = exp[5:9]

            subject = 'New Donation'
            from_email = settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL
            recipient_list = ['deniselarkins@/////\\.com',

            token = stripe.Token.create(
                    'number': number,
                    'exp_month': exp_month,
                    'exp_year': exp_year,
                    'cvc': cvc

            customer = stripe.Customer.create(

            total_support = decimal.Decimal(support) / 100
            total_charge = decimal.Decimal(int(support)) / 100

            # Charge the user's card:
            charge = stripe.Charge.create(

            ctx = {
                'name': name,
                'address': address,
                'city': city,
                'state': state,
                'zip': zip,
                'phone_number': phone_number,
                'email_address': email_address,
                'agree': agree,
                'charge': charge,
                'customer': customer,
                'total_support': total_support,
                'total_charge': total_charge

            message = get_template('email_forms/direct_donation_form_email.html').render(Context(ctx))
            msg = EmailMessage(subject, message, from_email=from_email, to=recipient_list)
            msg.content_subtype = 'html'

            return redirect(
                '/contribute/donation-support-thank-you/?name=' + name +
                '&address=' + address +
                '&state=' + state +
                '&city=' + city +
                '&zip=' + zip +
                '&phone_number=' + phone_number +
                '&email_address=' + email_address +
                '&total_support=' + str(total_support) +
                '&total_charge=' + str(total_charge)
    context = {
        'title': 'Donation Pledge',

    return render(request, 'contribute/_donation-application.html', context)

Answer #1:

In Django 1.8+, the template’s render method takes a dictionary for the context parameter. Support for passing a Context instance is deprecated, and gives an error in Django 1.10+.

In your case, just use a regular dict instead of a Context instance:

message = get_template('email_forms/direct_donation_form_email.html').render(ctx)

You may prefer to use the render_to_string shortcut:

from django.template.loader import render_to_string

message = render_to_string('email_forms/direct_donation_form_email.html', ctx)

If you were using RequestContext instead of Context, then you would pass the request to these methods as well so that the context processors run.

message = get_template('email_forms/direct_donation_form_email.html').render(ctx, request=request)
message = render_to_string('email_forms/direct_donation_form_email.html', ctx, request=request)
Answered By: Alasdair

Answer #2:

Migrated from Django 1.8 to Django 1.11.6

Wherever i had a RequestContext class, there is a method flatten() wich return the result as a dict.

So if the class is RequestContext….

return t.render(context)


return t.render(context.flatten())

And in a case wich the context is is wrapped by Context(), just remove it. Because Context() is deprecated.

return t.render(Context(ctx))


return t.render(ctx)
Answered By: VIctor Angelov

Answer #3:

For django 1.11 and after, context must be dict.

You can use:

context_dict = get_context_dict(context)
return t.render(context_dict)


context_dict = context.flatten()
return t.render(context_dict)
Answered By: Yvette Tan

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