Disable the output of matplotlib pyplot

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Disable the output of matplotlib pyplot

I have an array A of shape (1000, 2000). I use matplotlib.pyplot to plot the array, which means 1000 curves, using

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

The figure is fine but there are a thousand lines of:

<matplotlib.lines.Line2D at 0xXXXXXXXX>

Can I disable this output?

Asked By: shelper


Answer #1:

This output is what the plt function is returning (I presume here you meant to write plt.plot(A)). To suppress this output assign the return object a name:

_ = plt.plot(A)

_ is often used to indicate a temporary object which is not going to be used later on. Note that this output you are seeing will only appear in the interpreter, and not when you run the script from outside the interpreter.

Answered By: Chris

Answer #2:

You can also suppress the output by (assuming you are doing this in some sort of interactive environment)

Answered By: tacaswell

Answer #3:


This way there is no need to create unnecessary variables.


import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Answered By: joeDiHare

Answer #4:

use a semi-colon after the plot command


will display the graph and stop the verbose

Answered By: code-freeze

Answer #5:

Just put a semicolon at the end. That’ll work fine.
For example:

plt.title('the number is {} '.format(y_train[0]));
Answered By: Bishab

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