Convert PIL Image to byte array?

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Question :

Convert PIL Image to byte array?

I have an image in PIL Image format. I need to convert it to byte array.

img =, mode='r')  
roiImg = img.crop(box)

Now I need the roiImg as a byte array.

Answer #1:

Thanks everyone for your help.

Finally got it resolved!!

import io

img =, mode='r')
roi_img = img.crop(box)

img_byte_arr = io.BytesIO(), format='PNG')
img_byte_arr = img_byte_arr.getvalue()

With this i don’t have to save the cropped image in my hard disc and I’m able to retrieve the byte array from a PIL cropped image.

Answered By: Evelyn Jeba

Answer #2:

This is my solution.Please use this function.

from PIL import Image
import io

def image_to_byte_array(image:Image):
  imgByteArr = io.BytesIO(), format=image.format)
  imgByteArr = imgByteArr.getvalue()
  return imgByteArr
Answered By: Nori

Answer #3:

I think you can simply call the PIL image’s .tobytes() method, and from there, to convert it to an array, use the bytes built-in.

#assuming image is a flattened, 3-channel numpy array of e.g. 600 x 600 pixels
bytesarray = bytes(Image.fromarray(array.reshape((600,600,3))).tobytes())
Answered By: Chris Ivan

Answer #4:

Python file read and extract binary array

import base64
with open(img_file_name, "rb") as f:
    image_binary =
    base64_encode = base64.b64encode(image_binary)
    byte_decode = base64_encode.decode('utf8')
Answered By: yelran2003

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