Convert HTML string to an image in Python [closed]

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Convert HTML string to an image in Python [closed]

I want to convert following HTML to PNG image in Python.

    <b>Bold text</b>

This HTML is, of course, an example.

I have tried ‘pisa’ but it converts html to PDF, not to image.
I can convert HTML to PDF and then convert PDF to PNG, but I was wondering if there is any direct solution (i.e HTML to PNG). Any built-in or external module will work nicely.

If this can be done in Graphicsmagick or Imagemagick, then it will be perfect.

Asked By: mannan


Answer #1:

webkit2png. The original version is OSX-only, but luckily there is a cross-platform fork:

Answered By: vartec

Answer #2:

To expand on vartec’s answer to also explain how to use it…

Install webkit2png
The easiest way is probably to simply clone the github repo and run the setup.

mkdir python-webkit2png
git clone python-webkit2png
python install

This requires python and git to already be installed.
For cygwin, this will add webkit2png as a command to the path. I haven’t tested this for other terminals/OS.

Run it
Say you have your website in the current directory. (I had a html file that was using a css stylesheet – but there’s no need to think about the css file.)

webkit2png something.html -o something.png

webkit2png -h informs us:

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Start an 'xvfb' instance with the given desktop size.
                        Geometry of the virtual browser window (0 means
                        'autodetect') [default: (0, 0)].
  -o FILE, --output=FILE
                        Write output to FILE instead of STDOUT.
  -f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
                        Output image format [default: png]
  --scale=WIDTH HEIGHT  Scale the image to this size
  --aspect-ratio=RATIO  One of 'ignore', 'keep', 'crop' or 'expand' [default:
  -F FEATURE, --feature=FEATURE
                        Enable additional Webkit features ('javascript',
  -c COOKIE, --cookie=COOKIE
                        Add this cookie. Use multiple times for more cookies.
                        Specification is value of a Set-Cookie HTTP response
  -w SECONDS, --wait=SECONDS
                        Time to wait after loading before the screenshot is
                        taken [default: 0]
  -t SECONDS, --timeout=SECONDS
                        Time before the request will be canceled [default: 0]
  -W, --window          Grab whole window instead of frame (may be required
                        for plugins)
  -T, --transparent     Render output on a transparent background (Be sure to
                        have a transparent background defined in the html)
  --style=STYLE         Change the Qt look and feel to STYLE (e.G. 'windows').
  --encoded-url         Treat URL as url-encoded
  -d DISPLAY, --display=DISPLAY
                        Connect to X server at DISPLAY.
  --debug               Show debugging information.
  --log=LOGFILE         Select the log output file

Notable options are the setting of width and height.

Using cygwin, I encountered webkit2png: cannot connect to X server :0.0.
To fix this (I had already performed export DISPLAY=0.0), I had to start an X-Server. On cygwin, this can be done by running startxwin in a second terminal. Make sure to install it first via the cygwin setup.

Answered By: lucidbrot

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