Can you define aliases for imported modules in Python?

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Question :

Can you define aliases for imported modules in Python?

In Python, is it possible to define an alias for an imported module?

For instance:

import a_ridiculously_long_module_name

…so that is has an alias of ‘short_name’.

Answer #1:

import a_ridiculously_long_module_name as short_name

also works for

import module.submodule.subsubmodule as short_name
Answered By: vartec

Answer #2:

Check here

import module as name


from relative_module import identifier as name
Answered By: Brian R. Bondy

Answer #3:

If you’ve done:

import long_module_name

you can also give it an alias by:

lmn = long_module_name

There’s no reason to do it this way in code, but I sometimes find it useful in the interactive interpreter.

Answered By: John Fouhy

Answer #4:

Yes, modules can be imported under an alias name.
using as keyword.

import math as ilovemaths # here math module is imported under an alias name
print(ilovemaths.sqrt(4))  # Using the sqrt() function
Answered By: realmanusharma

Answer #5:


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